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Quarantine Running & Back Pain Programmes

4 FREE Programmes for Back Pain, Desk Posture & Helping with Running Performance & Injury Prevention

So we have all been in lock-down now for a few weeks, and there's still a few weeks to go!

I am trying to think of ways I can roll out useful content for you all whilst the clinic is closed!

That's why I have put together 4 programmes that can help you whilst in quarantine.

Each of them are complete with video demonstrations, illustrations and instructions.

With many people working from home (and without an adequate set up) a lot of people are developing complaints with their neck, back, shoulders and hips.

Here is a comprehensive guide of 60 stretches and exercises that can be performed at home to prevent these pains and repetitive strain symptoms.

2 simple steps:

1. Simply download the 'Rehab Guru' Client App 2. Enter password: 'rNCOMVD0jJ' Or Access via your laptop using the below link: With having to stay at home, all gyms being closed and only being allowed out for exercise once per day, in the wake of this pandemic...many people are turning to running as their only form of exercise. Getting into running for the first time or getting back to it after a long break can be very tough!

Here a few useful tips to prevent injury and 3 completely FREE programmes that you can use to assist you with getting into running, boosting your performance, building robustness and aiding recovery to improve running tolerance and reducing the chance of injury. In summary, the two non-negotiables are: 1) Adequate recovery- including a minimum of 48-72 hours rest between runs if starting out for the first time in a while; Adequate hydration, at least 2.5L of fluid per day; Adequate protein content, at least 1g of protein per lb of BW per day. 2) Load management- Without managing the amount of load you are putting through your body, rehab and recovery work is effectively made redundant, certainly less effective anyway. You are fighting a losing battle. Only progress 1 parameter of your training (duration, pace, type, frequency), begin with duration/distance and aim to add just 10% each outing. E.g. If you are able to run 5km without any problems, next time you head out, add on 0.5km Or if you are able to run 30 minutes without issue, add on 3 minutes next time you head out. Changing duration/distance results in the least amount of load increase and is the easiest to regulate. Changing pace results in higher impact and is harder to monitor. Increasing frequency (number of sessions) increases the total load significantly! Download the "Rehab Guru" Client App to easily access all 3 programmes on your phone! Here are the links (and passwords if using the app) to each programme: 1) Pre-run Warm Up Routine App Password: dSiBctgGSm 2) Post-Run Recovery Routine App Password: A7IhSGHvAy 3) Running Strength & Conditioning App Password: cZ5qcEPdzF Hope this helps! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Look After One Another.

Healthy regards, Danny Baker MSc BSc (Hons) BASRAT-reg GSR Clinic Director Sport Rehabilitation & Exercise Medicine Specialist Sport & Exercise Scientist

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