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I've Got Your Back!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

The Best Back Care Package!

Tired of your painful, sore and achy neck or back?

If you didn't already know - I am on a mission to fight back pain, the misery that comes with it & the myths that surround it! I want everyone to have a better understanding of it! So I am giving 10 people the chance to take back control! Do you want to start taking better care of yourself? Would you like to start taking your health more seriously? Is it stopping you from doing what you enjoy or holding you back from your goals? Want to find a long-term solution? Get 5 bespoke 1-2-1 sessions for just £149! 1 x Initial Consultation Assess your posture Identify your muscle imbalances Address your flexibility and range of motion issues Discover your weaknesses Find the root cause of the problem! 3 x 60 Minute Treatments Lengthen your tight muscles Loosen your restricted joints Get rid of knots and scar tissue Reduce your pain and inflammation! 1 x Guided Rehabilitation Session Say goodbye to your weaknesses! Learn the right stretches for you- specifically! Strengthen and activate your weak muscles and your 'core' properly! * * *

This is a HUGE saving, to give you a massive opportunity for you to take control of your pain, health, activity and lifestyle! 5 hours of treatment at a Chiropractor would cost you approximately £1,100+!!! You won't get a better, cheaper and more in depth treatment plan than this anywhere else! If you don't need it, maybe someone you know does, so let them know and if they purchase the back care package you can get a half-price appointment! Due to such a big discount, I have to limit the offer to the first 10 people to respond! The programme can be paid for at the end of this month too! Send an email to to secure your place! Healthy regards, Danny Baker MSc BSc (Hons) GSR Clinic Director Rehabilitation & Exercise Medicine Specialist Sports & Exercise Scientist

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